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Posted 28th Dec 2019
Hi, I’m looking to buy a bread maker. I’ve like to get it from Costco, does anyone know what ones they have in store and how much they are? I know they have one online, but I’d rather get it from a shop, and I know if I go to the shop and they don’t have it, I will still end up spending the obligatory £200/300. Plus the nearest one is still 25 miles away! Thanks.
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First question, are you eligible for a Costco membership or do you know somebody that has a card? I’m going to my local Costco in a bit so I’ll look out to see if they have one in store and see what the model and price is if they do.
Yes. Been a member for a very very long time. (Probably 24 years plus!) My favourite shop...hence the big spends! Thank you.
If you call your local warehouse they will be happy to check stock for you.
This is the model that they had in my local branch (Gateshead).


Haircut_10028/12/2019 13:59

This is the model that they had in my local branch (Gateshead).[Image] …This is the model that they had in my local branch (Gateshead).[Image] [Image]

Thank you so much for looking. It’s the same one that they do online for £10 more. I am happy to do the trip there to get it from the shop for that. Plus some cash back with my black card. (Plus spend some money on pastries and yummy stuff!)
My Monday morning is sorted! £159 at John Lewis and that’s with £30 off!
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