Found 29th Sep 2008
i want to buy a breadmaker, but was wondering if any one knew where to buy a cheap one from.
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I found one yesterday on Freecycle......could give it a try.
fragaliciousbob, thanks for that link, thats the cheapest i,v seen one up to now.
if any one can find cheaper then please post.. thanks every one
Yeah, the Argos ones are probably about the cheapest around.

Me and the SO have worn out two breadmakers so far and are now on our third.

The recipes that come with an awful lot of machines seem to use a helluval lot of sugar - Tablespoons. Our first loaves tasted ridiculously sweet until we'd tried a few variations and we're now doen in the teaspoons range.

The kind of flour seems critical as well. We tried white bread flour, but the bread tended to be heavy with any recipe.

in the end, we found Allinsons Country Grain was the best.

If you want to try a recipe try this for a 2lb loaf:

Warm water: 400ml
Flour: 610g
Salt: 2 Teaspoons
Sugar: 2 1/2 Teaspoons
Olive Oil: 35g
Dried yeast: 1 Teaspoon (plus a tiny bit more)

Do on the wholemeal setting

WARNING 1: - If you set the timer to cook overnight, be prepared to lay in bed drooling at the smell if you wake up in the early hours!!!

WARNING 2: You may find that Sunday lunch degenerates to a very large proportion of a new, warm loaf and a big chunk of smelly cheese.

Pizza dough is good, too.

AND I'm gonna try mixing the dough for Lardy cake on the pizza dough setting.
Mmmmmmmmm my mouth is watering after reading your recipe.:roll:
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