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Posted 5th Aug

My car is now 3 years old and the breakdown i had for 3 years for free has expired.

Wanting some decent breakdown for fairly cheap

Thank you
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I have used Emergency Assist for the past few years. They are cheap and reliable. I have had to call them out a couple of times and no fuss at all, they use local recovery specialists. I think groupon have a deal on at the moment where you can get a years cover for half price. Would recommend.

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Check out Quidco for current deals
the AA is quite cheap to be honest. they also have lots of member benefits.
Despite Autoaid upping its price by 50% this year (they must've woken up to what a bargain they were) I still couldn't find a better deal for a married couple to be covered driving our own (older) cars or any other (e.g. sons learner car). So back to Autoaid it was. No introductory offers yet no sudden price gouging on renewal either.
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I have aa on both cars. Used them twice this year. Arrived in 30 mins and car back on the road. Lots of benefits aswel, can’t fault them
Green flag, everything but Europe should be under £65 for a 3 year old car
Emergency Assist

Go to groupon & quidco should be able to get it all for circa £40-£60
As with any insurance, read t&c to see what is covered and what is not.
Usually best to go through your car insurance. Some crazy prices quoted here already.

My car is 15yr old and is roughly £53 full UK recovery, onward journey and home start via car insurance.
Some manufactures offer free breakdown assistance when the car is serviced through dealers.
Willy_Wonka05/08/2020 21:57

Emergency AssistStartRescueAutoaidGo to groupon & quidco should be able to …Emergency AssistStartRescueAutoaidGo to groupon & quidco should be able to get it all for circa £40-£60

Ive had emergency assist via groupon for the last couple of years, it cost just over £30 but that includes the optional £5 per year to cover your excess if you claim on your car insurance, plus mine was a little higher than OPs will be as its over 10 years old (46 to be precise). Had to call them once (y own mistake Id not torqued the flywheel up and it had spun off locking the engine up - luckily no damage and only took me a couple of hours to fix - side note if anyone needs a classic beetle engine removing and re-installing I;m your man can have it out new clutch in and back running in just over an hour now - Ive had enough practice and its only resulted in one surgery for a bulging disc - I felt it go!) and had recovery with me in about 10-15 minutes from a local garage.

Not used start rescue for cars but for bikes as it was cheap, there's a reason it was cheap! 3 call outs over 3 years or so, the shortest time I was waiting was 1 1/4 hours, the longest almost 3 hours on a red hot day in the middle of nowhere and nowhere to buy a drink (luckily I always took 2 liters of squash with me) the nearest truck to me was in Grimsby and I am in Chesterfield so over 80 miles away and he had to finish that job off first. Luckily I was going up a hill leading down to a car park overlooking a beautiful reservoir so sat on the bike and free wheeled down the hill and enjoyed the view. The recovery guy found me asleep propped up against a tree, must have nodded off watching the kids have sailing lessons. I'm just glad they had shut the public toilets down in that car park as it was a known cottaging hotspot The bike had lost a lot of power there was 3 ways out of that location - all up hill and it would only pull me about half way before losing power, most annoying breakdown ever. turned out to be worn piston rings and a resulting loss of compression. Fixed it and sold it 2 days later to a local garage owner for staff to use as a shop bike to nip out on and still made a profit. Replaced that little 50 with a 125 (that actually turned out to be a 170cc). If you know the Matlock area you will know why I needed the extra power over a 50.
I recently joined cover my breakdown. Was with autoaid past few years before that. Couldnt take their price increases anymore
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