Breakdown cover.

    RAC are trying to shaft me with a renewal of nigh on £180 and I have never used them in 7 years.
    What I need is a joint policy for me and my wife consisting of
    Roadside assistance
    Onward travel.

    Rep left for your help.


    try money supermarket and the like - i used money supermarket and got all the above for £50 with first breakdown. Not used them though so cant comment on how quick they are etc, but they do provide me with onward travel, recovery, roadside assistance but not the home one - you have to be a mile away.

    I phoned up and they took 20% off straight away! Give them a call!

    same happened with me and the AA, Thinking of letting it lapse and then re-applying as a new customer a few weeks later

    I use ]Autoaid especially if you hardly ever use breakdown services but need somthing in the back pocket just in case

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    I phoned up and they took 20% off straight away! Give them a call!

    Tried that and they did offer me a discount to £145 but still feel i'm being shafted.:whistling:
    Found a firm called Gem Motoring Assist who can do what I want for £82 which isn't too bad at all.…spx
    Anybody any experiance whith them.

    Try First Call have been with them 3 years - Have called them out once were just as reliable and quick as the RAC i'd been with previoulsy but SO SO much cheaper..........good luck


    I've just joined the RAC through Quidco so I'm paying £72 ish for recovery, not home start and I get £40 back.
    So, £32?
    I'm happy.

    I've just done mine through Tesco Clubcard deals, I have joint cover, roadside, recovery, & home for about £49 in vouchers so I've not actually paid any cash out for it.

    Does anyone know if i let my existing AA membership lapse, how soon can it be that i can apply again as a new customer. The renewal price they quoted me is a lot more then it would be for a new customer.

    You could try Aviva (formerly Norwich Union) I had the same package as you but for 2 cars £136

    I joined Green Flag Last week for partner and myself it was £56 approx , only thing not covered for is driving in Europe. I have used them once before and they came out to my home within one hour.
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