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Found 22nd Jan 2010
hi all. i need to get breakdown cover for 2 cars both over 10yrs old with 2 named drivers. mostly intrested in getting cover away from home as i travel alot. was thinking of either RAC or AA but not sure which would be best for me. any suggestions?
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look at the insurance section on martin lewis's money saving expert, it gives the best advice also, you'll find you'll get quidco (money back) through them too....
I have had experience with both, and have had a better one with the RAC. I found their accident care team to be better, and their mechanics were more knowledgeable.

However, I am sure some people will prefer the AA, so I guess it is down to price really. But IMHO if the price is the same I prefer RAC

Don't forget to check out quidco cash back deals!
We get it included in barclays additions plus account. Works out well as if you have a joint account both people are covered for any car + the other perks such as travel insurance.

Not sure how much membership is for the year but IIRC we should pay £15pm for bank account which includes lots of extras
You can pay for RAC with tesco clubcard vouchers if that helps...
Be Very Careful,with these rescue deals tied in as freebies with bank accts,ins,etc.
My gf broke down recently (well her car did,but it was close) & RAC refused to rescue her cos her bank acct deal only covered her up2 10 miles frm hme!
Her satnav said she was only 8 miles away,& patrolmans said the same,but his HQ said different & he has to go by that.nor did he offer for her to upgrade.Pish poor service for a lone female if you ask me.I would recommend I.C.Rescue,nationwide cover & only £29 a year,don't think there's age restrictions on vehicle either.go & chek thm out.(wish I was on commission)
Barclays one has been great for us. Used it all over the country and to help friends out too. Think it's RAC.
MSE has a bit on this - also check you don't get it with your bank account already (if you pay a monthly fee most of them have it)
Barclays deal must be better than Halifax then.
Ultimate reward account (i dont think so!!!):whistling:
Green Flag do quite a good deal on two cars.


Go via quidco for cashback.
Thanx for all your suggestions.I'll just have to get a few quotes to see who's best
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