Breakdown Cover - AutoAid any good???

Found 16th Dec 2015
Hi, I am looking to take out breakdown cover before in time for the Christmas period (Ideally under £50!)

Looking for personal cover so I am covered in any car as the driver/passenger. Not too fussed about the pay and claim system provided the company is reliable and trustworthy.

Any views or comments on AutoAid? They seem to tick the boxes but wanted to know what people thought of them if you have either used them before or currently use them.

Thank you in advance!
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Never heard of them. Strange question you got any tesco clubcard vouchers and they can be exchanged for breakdown cover on the double up also.

Try comparison sites also and don't forget to take some quidco offers into consideration on the total price.

Sorry just thought also have you tried your insurance company also> Normally they have boltons to cover breakdowns also as I asked mine (who said it was free) to quote me without as get from car manufacturer free and they gave me slightly reduced premium.

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I would go with RAC using a cashback site. It will end up being under £50 after youre paid.
I've used them for a few years. Only had to call them out once and had no complaints. Definitely good value for the service.
Used them for years but never had to make a call out.
be aware they would not cover me as I have a Mustang but used them on my Lexus all good no complaints money paid back in 10 days
I changed to Autonational Rescue earlier this year for our cars. Depending on what you want, it starts at £27 and that's for 15 months not 12. You can also get Quidco which I think is 10%.
It's not what you asked but just wanted to say the cover you get with nationwide flex plus is really good. Had 2 call outs in a month and both times the were quick and helpful. It's £10 a month but includes eu breakdown cover, mobile phone insurance, world wide travel insurance, +1 year warranty for a load of electrical stuff and some other benefits. Also if you are not with them you can get referred by a friend who is with them and I think you both get £100
Autoaid has been one of the top pick for years. Covers your wife/partner also. Insures the person so any car you drive is covered.
Go to Martin Lewis website money saving expert on the search bar just type in car recovery he goes through them all
Had auto aid for years ( only cancelled this year as we are covered for free elsewhere now) , but they were brilliant. Had really friendly fast help the times we did need them and never any problem with the claim back procedure.
Used for 20 years and called out 3 times. Recovery driver always very helpful and as I paid recovery by credit card, always received refund before credit card payment due.
Used for 20 years and called out 3 times. Recovery driver always very helpful and as I paid recovery by credit card, always received refund before credit card payment due.
Check your car insurance policy, you may get a good deal with them as a bolt-on
been with them for years , quick pay out on the only time I had to use them

the main reason I'm with them is the any car and wife's cover
I signed up with them after reading reviews and such, only been with them a year and not had to call them out, touch wood. They seem well thought of though.
Was with them for years. The only time I needed them, a bank holiday weekend Sunday, there was no reponse when I tried to phone for assistance. Am now with the AA, at a price, but do intend to give Autoaid another go after reading updated reviews. They now appear to offer the best value and hopefully improved service.
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