Breakdown Cover in France/Belgium - Worth it?

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Found 22nd Oct 2010
Nipping over to France and Belgium at the start of November for a day trip with a few friends. Got a good deal on the Eurotunnel so thought it would be a nice change to do something completely different.

I spoke with Admiral, my insurer and my current Full Comp insurance covers me driving in the EU, (although i think its only third party).

I dont have any breakdown cover here in the UK. Always chanced my arm as Im usually always within towing distance if i needed a family member to come get me, but thankfully never had that problem yet!

But do you think breakdown cover for 1 day in France/Belgium is a no brainer and it should be bought?


we went for 4 days and was cheap..cant recall who we went through but it was worth it for peace of mind.

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AA are quoting £10.35 for basic, or £16 to include parts and labour.

Unsure exactly what the £10.35 is then. Haha

You just never know when you need this sort of thing and getting a tow long any distance is expensive but long distance or overseas will be very costly .I've never needed anything like this before ..............I'm a very competant mechanic , but there's some things you cannot fix roadside so, I've just taken out a recovery deal recently for only £59.00 ...........covers overseas too . I trawled the internet till I found a good deal . Most breakdown services wanted over £100 per year ,so £59 is a good deal . Only drawback it just covers one listed car , so if your a pasenger doesn't count or like me with 2 cars .............only ones covered . Better than than 'nowt'

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Thanks Ricko!

When Im paid next Thursday, I might actually get full breakdown for myself and the girlfriends car, just as a precaution.

Where was your £59 deal?

Get the AA basic cover, also quidco too.

The Admiral policy should cover you fully comp over in the EU, read the small print or call them again.

I think I got the initial link from moneysupermarket the site is

heres the info from the site:
Take out your breakdown insurance with Quoteline Direct Car Breakdown Cover!
Quoteline Direct Car Breakdown Cover offers comprehensive cover.
More than 2,000,000 Brits drive in Europe every year without adequate car breakdown cover. If you’re one of these, you are running the risk of getting stranded in an unfamiliar country with a car full of children and a boot full of suitcases.
To prevent this, get comprehensive Quoteline Direct Car Breakdown Cover from £59.

Benefits of Quoteline Direct Car Breakdown Cover include…

1. …full UK and European cover for any insured driver.
2. …home assistance service.
3. …roadside repairs.
4. …recovery to the nearest garage, your intended destination or home.
5. …car hire/public transport costs
6. …accommodation costs.

With such great Quoteline Direct Car Breakdown Cover benefits, why not join the 115 million other customers enjoying peace of mind with Europ Assistance cover? For your application form, visit Quoteline Direct Car Breakdown Cover online, where breakdown insurance policies can also be renewed!
The actual Breakdown cover is by Britannia Rescue .You get a membership number and incase of breakdowns both UK & Europe telephone numbers to ring .For a trip abroad your covered for a maximum of 60 days in a year and a maximum of 31 days in any one trip .

hope this helps

Check that covers for running out of fuel in France....:)
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