Breaking dollars into smaller denominations

Found 21st Jul 2008
I have a load of dollars for when I visit the states but think the denominations are to high (dont want to go back to where I got them), does anyone know if 'my' bank will change them up in their Bureau de Change for free etc..
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Do you know anyone who's going there?

Do you know anyone who's going there?

I'm going with the Mrs, in one of the places we are meeting friends but dont think they are going to want to change the money up if thats what you mean.
Won't be meeting any 'americans' that can do it locally for me :thumbsup:
Last time I went to states I had some large denominations.
I went to Bureau de Change in the Airport to change them.
They did not mind nor charge me for doing so..
You could also use them to buy "a coffee" at the airport to get smaller change. Sure most airports take most currencies...
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