Breaking Night by Liz Murray (Book) on Stephen Nolan on R5 Live last night about 11.30pm

    Anyone listen to Stephen Nolan on R5 Live last night about 11.30pm.

    Had a lady called Liz Murray on talking about her memoirs, just released.…11/ Listen @ 1:35

    Her books called Breaking Night -…08/

    Looks and sounds pretty good.

    Synopsis in a nutshell - Homeless to Harvard and everything in between inc drug dependant parents and struggle through childhood.

    Out of stock everywhere (I just pre-ordered on Amazon), WH Smiths have instore for £12.99 if you want it now, if you can wait a few days they have online for £8.44 delivered to a store in a few days.

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    For anyone who cant be bothered to copy/paste or has a rubbish browser.

    Radio 5 iPlayer link - Skip to 1:35 -…11/
    Amazon link to Breaking Night -…08/

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