breitenbach solingen knives are they real or fake

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Found 19th Jun 2010
hi just got a catering job and was wondering are they real who make these knives or not and will they last also any of you people bought them
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I worked on an industrial estate for a small company a few years ago (site was full of small companies).

Guy turns up in a van full of these sets of knives.

Says it is part of a cancelled contract and did anyone want to buy a set

The receptionist sent a note round to all the companies on the site and a few people bought some.

I went and had a look at the knives, got the name of the knife company, and went back and searched the internet.

Found it was a scam.

So you always have to be careful.
Bought 2 full set's sold one and i still have the other one, get's used every day for last 15 years, best bye ever.
Crap knives, invest in a decent set and they will last you a lifetime
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