Bright star south east direction

    Fao jumpingphil

    Can you confirm this is correct? Only ask as I believe your Into astronomy based on the space station thread?


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    A really bright star iv been seeing south east is infact Jupiter 

    Word is if you get a set of binoculars you can make out it's two moons either side of the planet 

    Or with a telescope you can see the twin rings around the planet 

    Wow iv been seeing my first planet. 

    2022 will be the next time we will be this close to Jupiter, last time it was this close was in  1963 


    ( clear skies needed ) 
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    There's another planet between your toes.


    DJ urban.... install google skymap on your phone
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    iPhone compass is about 137 south east

    The colour has a dirty tinge to it also ......

    Doesn't twinkle so defo not a star

    wasn't that long ago that we could see Mars very clearly, i got a photo on my phone but it looks like a little red pin **** on a black background ... lol


    Yes it´s Jupiter and if you look to the right and a little higher you can currently see Saturn too.
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