Brighton hotel / B&B needed!

    Having a stag do saturday night 20th September and need a place to crash for me and 10 others. Travelodge is 90 quid which is outrageous ....any ideas?


    is it your stag do??

    do you really need a hotel? won't you be up all night? and then not bothered where you sleep?

    youll be hard pushed to find anywhere cheaper in brighton! especially on a saturday

    brighton hilton accept tesco clubcard vouchers, but still works out expensive.

    lovely breakfasts and central seafront location

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    true i wont be bothered much where i sleep but we do need somewhere - most places are minimum of 2 night stay which sucks. Even crappier places are hard to come by

    Brighton is very pricey for hotels, 90 quid is probably at the bottom end of the price range. Just a suggestion, it might actually work out a lot cheaper to stay in a gatwick hotel and arrange a minibus to ferry you to and from Brighton for about 10 quid each.

    There's loads of 4* Gatwick hotels for about 50 / 60 quid per room a night if you book in advance so would work out a lot cheaper.

    Another option, if you don't mind slumming it a bit, might be hostels. Can get beds in a dorm or a shared room from about 20-30 quid a night. Try this site:…and

    Certainly leave you more cash for beer, blow up sheep, handcuffs, etc!!

    Try Hove, not sure on prices only about 10-15mins in a taxi or even by bus to the centre of Brighton

    My husband and his mates ( a few years ago) had difficulty finding accomodation for their stag party, and ended up booking a hostel, there are actually some that look quite nice and if its only for a night to rest your head, a cheap deal!!…19/

    They do a dorm to fit 8 of you in for £122, its available on the 20th and located on the seafront.


    Travelodge at Hickstead which is about 10 mile away from Brighton is £62 per night.
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