Brighton.. things to do!!

    Well I took everyones advice from here when I did my Scotland trip, and it was a great 5 day trip.. !! And now I need more suggestions, I am off to Brighton for a night.. JUST one saturday night.. will be driving from Henley. Ideally need suggestions of great things to do on the way from Henely to Brighton, maybe good stop over points, or you know famous places that are a MUST see... I know its not as good as Scotland where there are things to see at every turn. But something to stop over at and just take a few pics..

    Secondly I also wanna do some interesting stuff in Brighton.. Maybe on Sunday.. and Saturday night!! Nothing tooo wild.. maybe a nice lounge bar or a club.. nothing posh.. and nothing full of hens and stags.. lol. tough find I know..

    Sunday should be inersting.. any nice Sunday Roast places.. or maybe interesting coastal view points.. maybe a good sunrise place!! You know! Suggestions welcome.. and repped!!


    I was there a few years ago, great place. I went to a club that was on the beach. I think there was a few bars down there also. If you are up for a boogie, I would recommend it :thumbsup:

    you will find loads to do down here, plenty of clubs, bars , whatever takes your fancy, just make sure you check out the clubs before you gon in, just incase it is gay club, unless you dont mind.

    my o/h whenever he goes out drinking here he ends up by some lad trying to chat him up. :?

    but whatever, you will love it it here such a very cosmopolitan town. !
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