Bring back yahoo auctions

    Dont know about rest of you.... loved this - because it was free....

    Then they sold themselves down the river and ebay took over.....


    eBay won't be dominant forever... actually I predict within 3 years it will be a shadow of now. Honest.

    One reason is Asia - alibaba/yahoo/taobao are cleaning up out there and eBay can't compete.

    Second reason is the over commercialisation of eBay and the rise of things like social networking sites.... I'll leave it at that to let someone else work it out

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    I cannot beleive they have been allowed to compete "solo" for so long...... what happens with the monopoly commisions?

    what happens with the monopoly commisions?

    You can't prevent something from being successful. There's lots of auction competition - you have the choice - eBay are just better here.

    Ebay is the best auction site though isn't it?, It gets the most views which in theory = better sales and prices.


    yeah sites like QXL and such aren't in the same league I.M.O

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    thats why I loved yahoo..... It was just as good..... if not better because it was free....

    I never used Yahoo auctions so can't really comment, At the moment though, The other alternatives IMO aren't as good as Ebay.
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