Bringing the iphone 3g to Amsterdam

so i am leaving from work straight to go off on a long weekend break in amsterdam in a couple weeks' time.

what i am wondering is ... whether i should bring the (work) iphone 3g with me.
i hear the charges are exorbitant and just want to find out more eg. how to avoid the excess. i guess the only reason for me to bring it would just be using the internet/check emails/maps not for calls as i can have another mobile with the usual roaming rates.

if i left it on wifi and not 3g mode in the netherlands, would that only depend on free wifi spots which might not be too many - unless someone's been there. i can do with some iphone advice.

if they are a bit too much i might leave the phone at home tbh, and set the voicemail to 'pls do not leave me a message, from dateA to dateB' whilst i am away.

thanks in advance.


taking ?

find out the charges from their website and then decide . .

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I wouldn't take it with... if it was me... its usually internet abroad that is the most expensive.. if you can trust that you can switch data off and just use wifi then why not... but on my touch HD it enables itself!!! I have another phone that i will take instead!


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"Using iPhone abroad

All Pay Monthly tariffs for iPhone include International Traveller Service so you can enjoy up to 80% discount on calls and texts made whilst abroad.

ITS for W. Europe, EU
Calling to UK from Europe, EU countries 35p
Receiving a call 18p

For calls made abroad minimum charge is one minute, then charged in 15-second increments, rounded up to the nearest penny.

[COLOR="Purple"]not looking good[/COLOR]

Downloading 1MB of data in an EU country will cost £3. We recommend that if you love using your iPhone for surfing the internet/ checking your emails in the UK and want to use it frequently when you are abroad that you add one of our Data Abroad Bolt Ons.

The iPhone 3G has data roaming switched off to avoid, what could be a nasty surprise when you come back from your travels.

[COLOR="purple"]ok got that[/COLOR]

Data Roaming Bolt Ons

If you are planning a holiday or travelling on business, why not add Data Roaming Bolt Ons. Depending on your planned data usage abroad, you can select from the following options:
Data Abroad 10: £20 per month for 10MB of data
Data Abroad 50: £50 per month for 50MB of data

Data usage whilst roaming not included with unlimited Web Bolt On. "

[COLOR="purple"]the question is how much is 10 mb. we're away for 4 nights.
bought the phone in november, it shows 65.5 mb sent, nearly 700mb received OOPS[/COLOR]

Our Pay Monthly tariffs for iPhone include the unlimited data and Wi-Fi Bolt Ons.

In order to take advantage of The Cloud network with O2 (7,500 hotspots in UK) you will need to subscribe to the Wi-Fi Unlimited Bolt On which is available for £7.50 per month or as a promotional Bolt On with any 600+ minute tariff (excluding 12 months).


So my conclusion is not to bring the iphone with me ...

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so they tell me place to get stoned legally. wont this stay on your system --> entry into UK.

customs are always stoned, its the dogs i'd be worried bout ;-)

how do you find out how much data you've reecieved etc on the iPhone 3g I can't find it Anywhere

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how do you find out how much data you've reecieved etc on the iPhone 3g I … how do you find out how much data you've reecieved etc on the iPhone 3g I can't find it Anywhere

on Settings (grey dials icon), click on General > Usage

Oh thanks I've done 100mb to 5mb but I've had it for like under a month

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did a google ...

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drats now i feel like a smoke -- just cig. had a craving the last two days but havent succumbed yet. it's to do with the rains and cold air atmospheric.

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