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Bringing Your Costs Down | BT Broadband customers at EE Sim Card

Posted 15th Nov 2022

I received the following, maybe useful to others:

BT and EE are part of the same family. If you’re a BT broadband customer, double your monthly plan data allowance with our data boost. Text DOUBLE to 1122 (register by text before 16/12/22)
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    Only good a doggy email that want to talk you into faster broadband for another 24 month
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    These offers are meaningless because very few people exceed their data allowance and most have already bought a lot more than they consume. I would rather be offered a discount but that is real money whereas double data has almost zero cost. (edited)
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    Yeah it’s for this sort of nonsense reason I left BT. Prices only went up for speeds or allowances I’d never use. Now paying about a quarter of the cost for broadband and my mobile contract.
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