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BRIT Cat food any good?

Posted 6th Apr 2014
Our cat like most is really fussy with food and will only eat dry food. We stick pretty much to Iams as every vet we've spoken to has given it glowing reviews (she drinks plenty of water & i'm aware of the potential kidney issues). But after being in a cattery for a month or so the Cattery owner said that my cat loves Brit Wet food and he always uses this.

I've searched the internet and theres not really much information, the only place i can see that sells it is pampurred pets. Does give this to their cats, and if so what are your opinions please?
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Similar issue with our cat so tried her on wet food and worse mistake ever, despite having dried food available she constantly nags you for the wet food.
Wouldn't mind but the collection of dead rodents on our back step means she already has a plentiful supply of fresh meat
our cats always had iams dried food , but vet said the one should have wet food as hes a rare throat problem, so now costing me the earth to buy both, and WET foods turns out dearest and hes becoming very fussy, swapping and changing , he still eats dried too, like kids fussy lol
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