Brit nuclear HQ on Google Earth

Found 2nd Mar 2009
BRITAINS nuclear defence HQ could be under threat from terrorists using Google Earth.

Close-up aerial views of the top-secret Naval base are on the computer program available for free over the internet.

It even reveals the longitude and latitude of the facility in Faslane, Scotland home to the UKs Trident-armed nuclear submarine force.

And pictures clearly show two vast Vanguard Class submarines each capable of carrying 16 nuclear missiles.

Military experts warn that would make it easy for terrorists to launch accurate mortar or rocket attacks.

One told The Sun: A strike on our nuclear capability would cause untold devastation. Terrorists could have a field day, knowing exactly where to aim strikes to cause the maximum devastation.

As well as HM Naval Base Clyde at Faslane, the program also clearly shows the Trident Special Area, just ten miles away, where nuclear warheads are stored.

And it can be used to pinpoint Britains nuclear crisis HQ in Northwood, North London, MI6s London offices and the SAS training facility in Hereford.

Satellite pictures show the exact location of SAS sleeping quarters, office blocks, bunkers and parade grounds.

Our source said: We should be censoring sensitive military sites, not only for the protection of the servicemen and women, but also for the protection of the country.

Military top brass are said to be furious that such sites can be viewed by anyone.

Two years ago the Government demanded Google blot out British bases in Iraq after a terrorist held in Basra was found with a Google Earth map of the Shatt Al-Arab base home to 1,000 soldiers.

It also agreed to fuzz out the Trident base, the highly-sensitive GCHQ eavesdropping centre in Cheltenham, Gloucs, and the SAS training camp.

But following updates to the Google Earth programme, the locations are visible again.

Last night an MOD spokesman said it struggled to maintain the security of all the UKs sensitive military sites.

He said: We do everything to protect bases but its impossible to control all websites providing satellite imagery.

If people are really determined to target these sites they can find these images and there is nothing we can do to stop them.

A Google spokeswoman said: We do listen to requests from governments but we dont comment on the details of any of those discussions.

Do you think it matters? Even if they cover the images up they'll know where they are now anyway.
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They are coming to get you now lol
in all fairness they probably have access to enough sattelites to get whatever images they want lol
It doesn't help, but google could always mask that location with images of houses - Yes it's deception, but it's in the name of national security.
i can see the pub from here.......

It doesn't help, but google could always mask that location with images … It doesn't help, but google could always mask that location with images of houses - Yes it's deception, but it's in the name of national security.

Yep, I think they should do something, The average terrorist wouldn't generally have access to satellites, Although I suppose it is possible.
I worked at Faslane and it is pretty easy to view any part of the base from the surrounding hills,The really secret bit is at the other side of the loch which is really closely guarded ,Its facinating to see this as it was a few years since i was there ,We stayed in a hotel further up the lock and the view was amazing,The hill across the other side is a windy road which was one mile long and was first gear on a mountain bike from bottom to top and on the way back down i clocked 56mph which is scary on a MTB,There is some amazing country side but quite a bit of it is off bounds unless you have the proper permits,
am i missing something here faslane isn't exactly a secret, well unless the multitude of the great unwashed that protest outside it for most of the year have access to spy satelites and can find out where it is.

I think watching the scottish news once in while and seeing the like of galloway and sheridan being huckled from its doorstep might be more revealing than google maps and the smelldoes satelites.

Its just another attempt to drum up fear and panic about terrorists so the govt can justify some more erosion of our civil liberties.
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