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    Hi thanks for looking in well over a year ago i left british gas and went to scottish power due to the price i was been charged by bg.Now when i was with scottish power i was paying alot less for my my gas,they came to change the meter due to the fact it was old and i requested that this meter would be tested because i belived this was faulty and they said it would be tested.Well a few months later i got on to them and they never tested the meter but scottish power asked me to get my old bills from bs and then they can compare the bills with there's to see if i was been overcharged by bg.

    I wrote a letter and requested my bills from bg for the year and about a week later a message was left on my answer machine informing me that these will be sent out to me.Aout 8 weeks later i rang bg up again because i didn't receive these statements and they said they'd resend them out cause they ,must've been lost in the postal strike,so i thought fair enough i'll wait.Still no statements have come,so i rang up again 2 weeks ago and was told these will be resent again so these will be the 3rd lot of bills sent to me.

    Now if these don't turn up from bg,doe's anyone no how i can go about getting these statements from bg,surely by law i'm intittled to these.I'm starting to wonder now if they no i've been over charged on my gas and they don't want scottish power to review there bills with there's.Last year in the hieght off summer i got a £300 gas bill,i rang bg up about it and was told there's nowt wrong with the bill and thats a basic bill for most people.Now what i want to no who in there right mind as central heating on during the summer,while i was on the phone i was told it must be my boiler that needs replacing when i informed them i lived in a council house and the boiler is serviced every year they started to tell me it's my cooker becasue it only as 4 hobs pmsl.



    £300 in the summer ?

    That can't be right.. unless you tapped the pipe to run your BBQ off it

    And then u would have had to BBQ every night, mmmm.


    Sounds great to me

    But yeah, it does sound like they're not telling the truth about sending them out due to overcharging you, is there a time limit to try and claim the monies back ?

    When you ring BG again, make a point of taking the name of the person you speak to, get them to confirm the date & the time of the phone call, & ask them very clearly for your past bills. Tell them that this is the fourth time of asking, & that you are very dussatisfied with their service. All calls are recorded, so if the person knows that you've got their name & the date/time of the call recorded at your end then they will be more inclined to sort things out for you.

    Don't think BG record all calls... Let me get something straight though? you moved from BG to Scottish Power and then Scottish Power replaced the meter? But didn't test the old one they removed anyway?

    If that's the case It's pretty much your word against theirs, the usual reason for a hefty bill is under estimation over the winter period which rights itself once an actual read is received... If it's actual reads all the way through then you could take this summers reads and compare like for like but BG are unlikely to issue a refund unless you complain to the ]ombudsman

    And in answer to your original question - Energywatch would assume that if you've paid the bills you must have received them at some point so would support BG in (possibly) charging you for replacing them...

    As Flodd says ^^^ an unusually high bill is more often than not down to a series of underestimations......also what needs to be borne in mind is that energy prices rocketed last year(with all companies) especially gas prices (about 25% increase)

    I am also not sure how you can claim from so long ago either.It used to be the case(when I worked for the electricity board) that if you feel that you have a large bill due to a faulty meter,the account is held in dispute whilst they investigate previous usage etc,and if you still don't accept that it is correct after that then another meter is installed to run alongside yours(at a cost,mind!) to see if there is a fault.If ithe meter was found to be faulty the cost would be refunded to you and your bill adjusted,if not faulty..........well the bill still has to be paid and you don't get the money back for the tandem meter installation.

    I doubt that BG are refusing to send you the bills because they know they have overcharged you,that will be down to a lack of communication in the system(sometimes called incompetence!)

    Give them another call,get the name of the person you are speaking to,ask them how long they should take to arrive,get a direct contact number for that person should they not arrive in a timely manner and be persistent.

    Original Poster

    All my readings are taken by meter readers,the meters outside on the wall and they just come open it and take the readings.Well i'll give it 2 weeks and see if these bills come and take it from there

    I would ask them what they have down for the address they are sending it to - could be something is wrong there. I would also request you get a copy sent to an alternative address - maybe parent or work address as it appears to be an repetative error with either their postal system or the royal mail. You could also enquire as to whether it would be possible to have it emailed to you.

    I had a similar problem with being overcharged. I moved into a property, called npower with the meter readings (they were supplying the previous occupants at that property) and date I moved in. Over the next 12 months there were numerous phone calls as during that 12 months, I didn't recieve 1 bill from them, they lost the meter readings I'd given them on 3 seperate occasions and when I did get a bill through, they estimated for a years supply of electric in a 2 bed flat, they wanted almost £2k !!

    I left that property around this time, so by the time I got a manager to speak to me, I couldn't get them round to test the meter like I kept asking them to do, so it was 'oh well, you'd better pay us the money or we'll take you to court'. I contacted energywatch who went through it, agreed that they were ridiculously over charging and contacted them and from then on, I had nothing but apologies and them bending over backwards. What they did in the end was told me to take my current meter readings every day for a week, and they used the daily readings to give me a sensible bill which they worked out to be about £750, which I was more than happy to pay for a years worth of electric. npower sent me a £50 cheque as an apology for the whole episode too. I still left them though :-D


    All my readings are taken by meter readers,the meters outside on the wall … All my readings are taken by meter readers,the meters outside on the wall and they just come open it and take the readings.Well i'll give it 2 weeks and see if these bills come and take it from there

    Trouble with that assumption is...

    1) You're assuming that the meter reader takes the read in the first place....
    2) That it's then sent on to your supplier...

    I think BG can email bills now so try sendng them an email...

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    just a quick update,i'm still waiting on these bills been sent going to ring british gas back now and if i have no joy will give energywatch a bell and see what they say

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    Ok rang bg and got the same ******** how there on a different system and they'll send a message to there boss and he'll sort it out so i rang engerywatch about it.I explained everything to them and was told they've got people in bg and was transfered to them and they sorted it straight away and told me they'll email them to me.They then rang me back and informed me because there on the old system they couldn't email them so there all printed off and were been popped in the post today so fingers crossed i have these sometime next week
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