British Gas - can you get compensation if they get your bill really wrong?

Posted 15th Jan 2009
We have just found out that British Gas have overcharged us - we fixed our tariff for gas and electricity at the beginning of the year and it now turns out we are paying the current standard non fixed rates and not the fixed rates and have therefore overpaid quite alot. They are trying to rework the numbers and send out revised bills. On the basis we spent about £30 in calls to then when we fixed the tariff in the first place do they pay compensation other then sending the correct bill now? They have basically had my gas and electricity account in credit by huindreds of pounds all year as they have been overcharging us and if we had not caught this now it may have gone on for years. Anyone know what they are liable for if they mess your bill up? Thanks very much.
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Probably not because all energy providers are scum.

Sorry, I know it's no help.
You wont get compensation, only the refund. I think it is wrong because make a profit on overcharging people while the money is in the bank.
Not compensation as such ... but I'd write a letter of complaint and see if you get a goodwill gesture of some sort (wouldnt expect much though!)
Yes you can get compensation from British Gas but be prepared for a lot of hassle and you may well have to jump through a few hoops as well.

First thing to remember is to make sure you log every call and write down every conversation. Always get a name, date and time of the call and a transcript of the phone call.
Never expect to get back to the same customer care operative and never expect them to phone you back even if they promise to.
Always check they they actually do what they say they are going to.

So after all that you will have realised that BG are not the best when it comes to sorting out complaints and compensation but it can be done and indeed customers should do it more often.
Below are links to BG's help pages and also the levels of compensation etc. Be aware that you can also take the matter further.

OK so first download the following PDF and have a read ,…pdf

This page will then tell you what you need to do:…int

Lastly when you are talking to the BG customer care always remain calm and polite and you will be more likely to get some positive help. BG has lots of different call centres dotted around (well they did a while back anyway) which is why you are never likely to get back to the same person.

Best of luck OP and don't take no for an answer, ever !
I had problems with British Gas a couple of years back, and the problem was only settled about July last year. To cut a long story short, they overcharged me for gas, and then I complained. They admitted it was their fault, and said it would take up to 6 weeks to resolve. Then I didn't hear anything for 3 months or so, until a debt collectors bill arrived. A number of phone calls later (in which BG still admitted liability) and I was getting letters threatening legal action. It was only when I sent a letter back, listing everything that had gone on, incl. date/time of phone calls, etc. etc., did I get a response. I also threatened them with legal action claiming stress caused by them (I wasn't) and that seemed to do the trick. Unfortunately, the only compensation offered was £5 off my "actual" bill for phone calls made.

Sorry if that's not what you wanted to hear!!
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