British Gas customers save upto £225/year discount by switching to their new cheapest dual enerrgy scheme

Found 28th Feb
I have switched to this and turning to be £175 cheaper excluding my exit fee on current tariff. (Free Time Saturday May 2018)

To get the discount you have to change tariff, but that really isn’t a biggie. It’s launched a new deal called British Gas All Online Mar 19, which reduces the cost for someone with typical bills on its standard tariff (which 60% of customers are on) from £1,100/year to £900/year – a saving of £200. This is available whichever your energy company is, but crucially existing British Gas customers can get it too.

This dual-fuel deal from British Gas is only available via price comparison websites like this MSE Cheap Energy Club, so just fill in your details below (or log in) to get it. It can save existing customers on its standard tariff a typical £225/year. Plus, you'll be protected from any price rises until 31 March 2019.

Whether it’s good for you depends on your postcode and usage, so compare now to see how it stacks up for you (and to get the extra MSE cashback).…ter
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Other comparison sites are available as well.




Not that it may make much difference though it's also worth bearing in mind that is now also wholly owned by the Martin Lewis sold the site back in September 2012. In my opinion however it still appears to be a very good consumer website. Just thought I'd mention it all the same.…com

It may also be worth ticking the Show me all generally available plans option on these websites too as there are also some new smaller companies currently on the market that appear more competitive in their prices than the Big Six. You may need to weigh up the odds though as the customer services with the newer, smaller companies may not be as good as the six leading ones, British Gas, e-on, npower, etc.
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I can't see no mention of the price per kWh so I can compare it myself without going through all that.
It looks like a normal fixed rate but they've given MSE a few quid off for referrals.
It would be better if we could get the referral money through quidco etc instead of MSE.
or better off just switching from them, the big six are normally expensive and cheaper suppliers are generally just as good at customer service, how many times do you need to call them anyway. 60% of BG customers are on standard tarrif read that as lazy!! Any hotdealer better not be one of these or they should be banned
If your with Sainsburys energy, you can switch to this B gas deal with no fees as same company.
I want to switch as is £40.00 a year cheaper. But need to wait for warm home discount to payout.
Should be paid by end of March. Hope deal is still on
slightly cheaper to what im paying with BG now. standing charge is cheaper. octopus energy seems to have good deals too
If it wasn’t for warm home discount, I’d be with out Fox the market. There just over £100.00 a year cheaper for me
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