British gas dropping nectar in favour of there own rewards from 1st july 2017

Found 8th Jun 2017

got email today from british gas they are dropping nectar in favour of there own reward scheme to me just seems like another cut.

full info on 'get deal' link

if you think this is a cut please vote cold

if you think wow new scheme please vote hot

think this is about to go sub zero personally

email below

The way we reward you is changing

Hello xxxxxx

Just to let you know, from 1st July 2017 you’ll no longer be able to collect Nectar points with British Gas or claim rewards from Nectar partners through us.
Of course, you’ll still be able to collect and spend Nectar points with other Nectar partners – to find out more go to or download the Nectar app.
If you’d like any further information, then our frequently asked questions are here to help you.
Introducing British Gas Rewards: our new loyalty programme
We’ve created Rewards to say thank you for being our customer. When you become a member, you’ll get personalised offers and giveaways from us.
We look forward to sharing more news with you soon.
British Gas

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They stopped giving me nectar points over a year ago
This thread:
1. Will go ice cold
2. Will be moved to Misc as it's a heads up
3. Will turn political verrrrry soon
stuck up on mse i know they pull posts here not reliable
They stopped giving me nectar points over a year ago

They stopped giving me nectar points over a year ago

​yup me too

​yup me too

​and me.
British gas ?
With sainsbobs energy in fact they really awful at that whole billing customers correctly thing
although not the worse

It was good while it was on offer, I will not lose any sleep over it I also look forward in anticipation of what the new system if it's not good so be it move on tomorrow's another day...
ed19808th Jun

They stopped giving me nectar points over a year ago

When I switched to Sainsbury Energy a few months ago I was under the impression that I would get Nectar points, I'm pretty certain I even had to put in my Nectar card details, then they said I wouldn't, and now they have told me they are stopping giving points. I feel cheated actually. Hmm and I was supposed to get cashback, but didn't. When renewal time comes it won't be with them.
People still use British Gas?
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