British gas help please

    I have recently moved in (student house) and our gas bill has come. However it states british gas business although we are not a business. I have tried to find out if the business rates are higher than normal or less but cant find out, does anyone know

    Also the 5% ccl levy that they charge, is that for businesses only?



    The current rate per Therm for Gas is 33p, due to rise to 47p in the new year (aren't they nice!) - the rate that you are being billed as a business will vary depending on what contract was signed and negotiated, so they may be higher, they may not be. Try to compare it to the 33p a therm price, and see.

    The CCL Levy stands for Climate Change Levy, and is only for businesses. It's usually added to a large Business who use a lot of electricity to offset the damage that they are doing to the environment.

    Before you try paying the Bill, can you check whether your Meter Point Reference number (commonly called MPR) which is a 10 digit number on your bill, correlates to the MPR on your Meter in your house - if not, you could be paying for Gas that you're not even using.

    Hope this helps.

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    The property may be owned by a company hene the bills bing quoted for a business.
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