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    I was just wondering if anybody had any experience with British Gas Home Care or if there is anybody else out there who is reliable enough to give a similar service?




    Hi, I was just wondering if anybody had any experience with British Gas … Hi, I was just wondering if anybody had any experience with British Gas Home Care or if there is anybody else out there who is reliable enough to give a similar service?Thanks


    I have just taken out this cover, not sure about any other companies offering this. I have cover for Heating, Plumbing, Drains and Electrics for £25 ish per month. I have already had to use them and the engineer was spot on. British Gas on the other hand could not organise a P*ss up in a brewery. On the day the engineer was due he called to say he was waiting outside my house, I had a look and could not see him. Then he gave me the address, that was my old address from 2 /1/2 years ago and I had actually moved again since then. Today I have received a threatening letter demanding payment of a Gas Bill that I have not even received, I've only been in this house 5 weeks and for 2 of them I had pre payment meters on both Gas & Electric, if anything they owe me as I spent £115 between the 2 meters in 2 weeks. When I called to get this sorted their billing system is under going maintenance and will not be back online until Monday, great!!!!

    Anyway after the rant, the answer I suppose is so long as you use SayNoTo0870 and get a landline number to argue with them on then it is good value for money and the engineers seem to know their stuff, the guy that came to me sorted the problem out very quickly and I have no issues since, plus they do an annual service on your boiler at no extra cost.

    British Gas is also on quidco. Save £16 when taking out homecare :thumbsup:

    I got British Gas to come out last years and do a survey to guarantee my system. They did but could not guarantee it as one of the radiators but not 100%, so I have to have a power flush to meet their requirements. This was to cost me £600 or so. I think not, I had this done through the year be a local plumber and asked BG this year (one year later) to come and do a survey for the cover, they did, I was accepted and he left. However the very next morning, Saturday I woke up to find the boiler not on….. umm I though. Did all the checks, water gas electric supplies etc nothing and nothings going to happen. I rand BG 8.30am (01698802101 number found through [url][/url] [nice one & thanks to hukd’s]) answered in 30 secs, and said that although the engineer was out yesterday and I have sorted Homecare 200 cover out. I was then told that my cover would not start until 2 weeks time as it was only 50 weeks since the last engineer was out and I was still under last years contact of nothing. Don’t worry if you do not understand as I did not either, but they said I would have to pay for the engineer to come out. As I have no hot water or heating and it was early February this year I had no option. This was to cost me £155.99 but the jobs would have cost £250+ as the main board in the boiler had go nuts. IN SHORT…..CONFIRM EVERY THING, DATES, COVER AND GET IT IN WRITING FROM THEY ENGINEER IF YOU CAN AS THEY DO CARRY PC’S AND PRINTERS.


    I've had British Gas for central heating, plumbing, electrics, drains etc for many years and whenever anything has gone wrong they have always been very prompt and thorough with their service. I have called them out for central heating, drains and electrics.

    Every yearly boiler service has been first class and the boiler stripped down and checked thoroughly.

    Maybe I have just been lucky here in Cardiff but I would def recommend.

    I also have the full cover and can't fault it :thumbsup:

    i've got the central heating cover with british gas - had it for about 8 months
    had to call them out a couple of times
    they always been prompt and their engineers are really good
    no complaints whatsoever
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