Posted 30th Sep 2022
I've just gotten my renewal in for our Homecare 400 Agreement from British Gas, which covers all drains, electrics, boiler, pipes and 3 kitchen appliances. The price though has gone up over £200 a year. I'm wondering what alternatives are out there, even just for boiler cover? I'm in Scotland (if that helps). Thanks!
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    You say it covers 'all'. Look very carefully at the policy. BG cover is not what it seems when you get into the detail. The much vaunted same day fix is a pluppet (almost plumber) turning up to diagnose or turn off the boiler. you then wait days for the part and a real engineer. Drain cover has exclusions you may want ot note

    Depends on your boiler make. I accept the risk. The home WB boiler broke 2 years ago for the first time in 10 years. I got a local WB agent (Warmingtons) out next day who replaced most of the interior and serviced it for £550. In a rental flat, I had a Baxi breakdown last December. One time repair fixed cost would have been £325. Or, for £325, I got the fix and 12 months cover. Baxi cover all sorts of boilers. (edited)
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    Home Insurance companies offer Boiler and Breakdown Insurance as an added part of their policy with them.
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    Thanks both. I've actually had to use the home care agreement quite a few times in his house (moved in 6 yrs ago) for mainly appliance and electrical issues as sadly the people who lived here before passed away and some of the built in stuff is now difficult to get parts for. That said, we're looking at a new kitchen in the next year so that won't be an issue for long. We did get Homecare out for a leaking underfloor pipe which they sorted pretty quickly so overall I've been happy with them, and would probably renew if it wasn't for the price hike.
    Go back to them - tell them that due to the cost of living crisis you are making cutbacks and is there anything they can do on the renewal price - try and get it as close to the previous years price as possible - from what you say, you are paying a high price for cover for aged products - the older the appliance, the greater the risk of breakdown so the higher the premium to cover them.

    Wrt your recent claim for an underfloor leak, check your home insurance to see if it includes Trace & Access cover - if so, you could remove this from your BG Homecare cover.
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    Bank however much it is costing into a separate bank account.

    Are any of the items covered old or past their best? Are parts difficult to get hold of for any of them? If not then I really wouldn't bother and find a local reputable plumber/heating engineer who comes recommended and reasonably priced to help you out in the event of an issue.

    I have never had a blocked drain, a plumbing issue or any issues with electrics in all my time on earth (from my folks houses to current house) apart from a tripping issue on my consumer unit which is down to me having too many DC powered gadgets which was ultimately resolved with a new consumer unit without RCDs and likely wouldn't be covered under Homecare as there was no "fault" as such, the RCD was doing its job.
    Looking online the complete cover with electrics is £49 a month with no excess and no appliance cover so I dread to think what you have been paying out over however long you have had it!

    £588 a year for me. This year I have had a new consumer unit and a boiler service plus additional labour to install a magnaclean and put the cleaner/additives into the system. Consumer unit has cost me £400 (22way large consumer unit and also extra wiring installed for immersion solar diverter) and boiler service with the extra labour for the magnaclean install was £75.

    So so far this year I am £113 up doing PAYG against insurance. Plus however much I have saved in my 16 yrs of home ownership.
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    Ring them to see if you can get the price down.
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    This would cost a new customer £49/month so nearly £600 and that doesn't include any kitchen appliances).

    I can't see you finding cheaper anywhere else
    Didn't I already say that?
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    I pay £3 a month add on for electricity, drians , pluming and heating with my home insurance home emergency cover and that’s unlimited call Out £1000 a time

    £200 a year wow (edited)
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    Yea - this issue has been raised before. There are hundreds of home emergency cover policies put there and on a quick search they average around £30 a year. I have had mine for a few years now. 3 issues fixed - leaking pipe underfloor, boiler breakdown and leaking underground drain (turned out to be a block). It seems few people know of this cover. You don't have to buy the cover from the same company as you have your home insurance. It's a separate policy and call outs do not count towards home insurance no claims