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British Gas Homecare - Powerflush recommended at £700!

Posted 24th Apr 2012
I've just had a British Gas engineer visit to fix my boiler under the homecare agreement. He says that we need a powerflush and has quoted about £700 for it. He also says that they will not attend any more call outs as they have recommended a course of action and we will be in neglect of out boiler (therefore outside of our agreement he is probably insinuating).

Is this fairly typical of the cost of a powerflush or can we go for a different company to carry out the work? I don't want BG to refuse to service our boiler because they didn't do the work.

The problem with the boiler is that the pilot light isn't coming on and it is showing pump failure on the diagnostics. Just had a new pump fitted on sunday but the boiler broke down again within 24 hours.
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