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Posted 14th Jan 2021
A bit of a weird one this but I wonder if anyone could help or give advice that would be great.

So I had a very old top-up meter in my flat and decided I wanted to upgrade and get a Smart Meter so I could get everything upgraded so I can top-up on my phone using the app or on the PC rather than try and get to a post office (especially with the currently situation).

The new meters were installed on the 26th November and I was told that they weren't set up as prepay meters but as credit meters (bare in mind when I set up to get the smart meters installed I was NOT credit checked as I wanted to stay on Pay as you go).

My first call to British Gas was a few days later as they couldn't help straight away as they needed the meters to be synced with my account etc etc. I called and they said they could only see my Gas account and that the electric account had been closed... Weird for me as I don't know why they closed my old accounts anyway as all I was doing is upgrading the meters. They said it would be sorted in 2 weeks...

Well Christmas came and and that so I didn't get a chance to call them until a month after they had been installed and nothing had changed... I called them again and was charged £25 for the pleasure of doing so (house phone and forgot I don't get free calls during the week haha) and still nothing has been done. They said they will change me over to PAYG on both accounts and I will be billed for the first month via the post/email.

Well it's now the 14th Jan, nothing has changed. Zero contact from them and my accounts are still showing I owe £0 but I am still using energy. My meters do have values on them and my smart meters are uploading readings still so I know how much I owe (minus what they need to take off from my previous meter credit)

TLDR: Changed to Smart Meter from old meters, put on credit account with no credit check, my account hasn't been updated and still showing that I owe £0 even though I have been using energy for the past two months since installation.

Do I stop chasing them and carry on using the energy until they chase me (putting money aside for what I know I have used so I don't get hit with a huge bill) or do I just change supplier and be done with them?

Any help would be appreciated.
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