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Found 8th Jan 2009
We have had a direct debit we British Gas for about 10 years on a property, after a while radiators have stopped working and when the system needs flushing we were getting quotes for around £600.

We rang them up today to cancel our direct debit as it was pointless for us in our situation, we were paying £15.50 a month for this service. We rang 08457365100 (say no to 0800 "01698 802101") and asked to cancel, now here is the information that is key, they offered us 20% discount straight away when we said cancel, this worked out at £12.40 a £3.10 saving or £37.20 saving for the year. If you still want this service this seems like a great time to ring up and just instantly save yourself some money because it was almost immediate without even asking for it.

I reckon we could have got the price down further if it would have been a viable service for us. Good luck!

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My Dad had this service for 10 years, they came evry year and serviced the boiler. When it failed and he called them out, they said his boiler had not been supported for 5 years and they wouldn't help. So be aware, they take your money but do they deliver? :-(

I canceled my contract with them when I got my renewal notice.. the price they quoted me with a no claims bonus was the same as any new customer without the No claims bonus would get but going via Quidco to renew I got £40 cash back
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