British Gas QC cashback queries

    has anyone got qualified QC cashback from BG buy paying their bills online?

    i registered both my gas and electrcity online with BG yesterday, and paied the bills using the QC link in two separate sessions.

    as says on the QC website, it should be tracked less than a day on average, but none of my transaction is showing up yet.…as/

    my question is, am i qualified for cashback of what i did? perhaps could qualify for 2 separate transactions?


    Isn't the cashback if you swtich to British Gas and are a new customer?

    I'm not sure you'd get cashback just for paying your bill online if your supplier is already British Gas

    Original Poster

    that i am not sure, but on the QC website it says,

    For genuine tracked transactions completed wholly online, you can earn: … For genuine tracked transactions completed wholly online, you can earn: £30 for Dual Fuel £25 for Central Heating Care £23.75 for each HomeCare sale (ranging up to 27.25 for HomeCare 400) £30 for Dual Fuel discounted rate £20 for single fuel sales (gas only, electricity only and Discounted electricity)

    No you don't get cashback for paying your bill online [would be veeerrrry nice if it did payout for that :D]. You only get cashback for signing up to switch to BG via QuidCo.Com.

    Won't be long before all the others put up their prices, as North Sea gas runs out. BG are the only ones investing in piping gas from Europe according to newspapers. So it'll be switch back to them again for everyone at some point :roll:
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