British Gas UP2 Heating Controller

    Hi All , British gas have fitted us a new UP2 controller which is the same as a Drayton Lifestyle LP722
    The problem i have is that , the display is NOT showing the DAY ie MON / TUE etc etc under the time on the display as in the picture on this link .. meaning , I cant see how you can change the settings for the HW and CH to come on and off , on say a Sunday .....…spx

    Anyone got any ideas please ??


    Go to google - search UP2 Heating Controller - 2nd link should be a pdf from Drayton

    according to the pdf there are 4 types of Timer - only versions LP522 or LP722 will have a "DAY" setting
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    Hi Pal , thanks for you answer .. I have done some resarch and yep it looks like we have had the very basic controller fitted and you cant set the days individually or holiday etc

    Thanks for you time anyway , cheers :-)
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