British Motor Show - 23rd July

Hi Guys - does anyone know if the free weekday tickets that were linked a little while ago include the 23rd, which is the preview day? Tickets say 23rd July to 3rd August, but I am not sure if this just indicates the days that the show runs.... I rang the helpline, and they just said that if it said 23rd July to 3rd August, it would be fine - but in truth, she sounded like she didn't have a clue.

Can someone give me a bit of a steer...


Do you mean press day.
Press day is on the 22nd July.
23rd July onward is open to the puplic.

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Press day is 22nd - VIP day is 23rd, which is why I am trying to find out if I can use it on this day....:whistling:

Just looked at my tickets, which I got for free from a link on here, and they say 24th July - 3rd August.
Have you looked at their web site under opening hours?
For the 22nd it says press only.
For 23rd it does say VIP day but does not say VIP only.

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cool - mine do say 23rd july under the venue - fingers crossed

mine say not valid 22nd and 23rd of July, but i got mine free from Burton so they may be different
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