british woman wakes up with a romanian accent

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    Last updated at 5:17 PM on 02nd April 2010
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    A British charity worker who was left unable to speak after a near-fatal car crash has got her voice back - with a new Romanian accent.

    Jacquie Aubry, 59, from Chandlers Ford, Hamoshire, could not walk or talk after sustaining life-threatening head injuries when her 4x4 hit a tree outside Bucharest in December last year.

    The mother-of-two, who runs a children's farm project in Romania with husband Lewis, 74, went through intensive therapy even listened to a radio interview she gave before the crash to help her learn to speak again.

    But after slowly recovering the power of speech, Mrs Aubry - who was born and raised in Dorset - surprised family and friends with a distinct Romanian twang to her voice.

    She said: 'People have told me I speak with an accent which is weird because it still sounds the same to me.

    'I have been told by my speech therapist that it will come back in time it just takes patience.

    'After the accident happened I could only manage noises and a few broken words which only my daughter could understand.

    'The more I talk the better it gets and I hope I can get back to how I sounded before.'

    Jacquie, who has been visiting Romania with Lewis for the past seven years, running their charity Growing Care, was on her way to Bucharest Airport to collect her daughter Sian, 28, when the accident happened.
    Crash: The wreckage of Mrs Aubrey's car after a hit-and-run driver forced her into a tree near Bucharest
    She was cut up on a narrow country road by a hit-and-run driver, forcing her into a tree which crushed the drivers' side of her pick-up truck.

    Jacquie spent three weeks in hospitals where she had to undergo three separate CT scans to asses the extent of her brain damage.

    Lewis was even told his wife of 30-years had died, only for him to later find out Jacquie had been transferred to the neurological ward of Bucharest Hospital.

    Former paramedic Lewis said: 'It was a very traumatic time, the Romanian doctors were saying to me, "moartea" which means death, and obviously I was terrified.
    'It did not look good. We were all scared to death, being in a foreign country with no real communication.

    'It was not until Sian went to the hospital that we found out she was just unconscious. I will never complain about the NHS again.'

    Mrs Aubry, who suffered two broken ribs, extensive bruising and brain damage, has to undergo physio and speech therapy twice a week but is expected to make a full recovery.

    Her goal is to return to Romania this year where the couple can carry on their work on the 25-acre farm, teaching local street children farming techniques.

    She added: 'My speech has improved 100 per cent although I still suffer some effects of the crash.

    'If I start laughing or crying I cannot stop for at least five minutes, which can be frustrating.

    'I almost sound like a child but listening to how my voice sounded before gives me a goal to get back to that.'


    Her 1st words were - smuggle eu la spre london

    Nothing really new, half the kids in this country have started talking with a Carribean accent

    This can occur after trauma, head injury and stroke and is called foreign accent syndrome!! This is true as I have nursed patients with this!

    There is some really impressive equipment in hospitals these days and scanners such as MRI's can detect changes in parts of the brain that previously would have been impossible. This together with the internet allowing quicker access to much more information worldwide is likely to bring dramatic advances in brain surgery over the next decade. IMO

    in the papers a few months ago there was an article on other people who had had similar things happen to them after trauma. One person woke up and could speak another language. Honestly i am not joking. It wasnt April 1st. Turned out they lived in an area where another language was often spoke and without realising it they had picked it up to a good enough level that they could have a conversation. Could do with hitting my son over the head as his German and French is rubbish.


    nothing unusual here at all. I can develop a brummie twang after just one weekend there. We all do it.

    She lost her ability to talk and then was treated by Romanian doctors in Romania, and it makes the news that she speaks with a Romanian accent? Why do you think that Welsh children speak with Welsh accents, Scottish children with Scottish accent? Not only that, she spent a good period during the last 7 years over there.

    Why does anybody bother to write articles on this sort of thing?
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