Broad band for Xbox live??

    I'm looking to get broadband in and I don't have a phone line but it will only ever be used for Xbox Live. Does anyone know who would be best to go with for it?


    i would reccomend virgin, "2 for 20" deal, get a freeview box, broadband, free phone calls, they were also doing "connect with virgin play halo 3 online for free" they were giving out free online yearly memberships, also trhe latest offer is 300 quid off an LG tv, bringing a 32" to a nice sum of 200 quid.

    p.s if you would not like the 300 pound off a tv and it is transferable i would more than happily give you some money for it :P

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    Cheers think I'll go with 3 for £30 deal. I just checked there website but couldn't see that TV deal, How do you get it?

    search the hotdeals section
    pretty sure i saw it there

    Aol is good i get 2mb for £14.99 a month but you really know how to bypass the aol software to get the proper use out of it online
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