Broadban speed keeps changing???

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Found 22nd Jan 2011
Hello. Does anyone know why my BB speed keeps changing between around 5mb/s and 10mb/s?

It is really annoying. Pages will not load when it drops.

Thanks. Im with Virgin media 20mb/s


5mbps is still fast and would not stop pages loading.

Packet loss/ hec/ fec errors/ faulty line will.

Check Then post results. Then go on virgin status pages to see if there are any issues about service.
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am on virgin 20 mb , and allways get around 12 mb to 19 mb all the time

You could be being traffic managed by Virgin as they operate that. But web pages should load at a decent speed unless you are heavily downloading. If you arent doing anything at those points you should contact them as it might be a fault.

Im with Virgin and the last two days after 1am the net goes DEAD slow. I mean it is soooo slow i could not even load HUKD. Today the net has been slow as hell as well, only until around 5pm it has decided to speed up.

You sure your not on 10mb ?

make sure you are not downloading anything else whilst testing on ping test.

if you still get a b line and 16 ms jitter it's an indication that things are not right and further testing should be used whatever virgin advises in this situation. (choose a few diffrerent servers from ping test though to rule out them having an issue)

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Guys go to virgin website and the forums. Log the fault there. I was having similar problems. Wrote on the website. Technical support asked me a few question, engineer came over and added a special plug on my modem. Everything smooth since then. Getting 19.2mb speed on my 20mb connection
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