i would like some broadband from 8mb and above and unlimited usage from under £20 a month but where i have looked it is more expensive.

    Thanks in advance


    have you looked at tiscali they have great deals with free line rental aswell

    Try the Uswitch Search for a broadband package, where you put in your Postcode and search -…spx

    If your in london, Be Broadband is brilliant, I got 24 Meg for about 14 pounds with 60 pounds quidco i believe.

    I use ]
    Used them for years, always on connection, never had any problems with them!

    BT Broadband with free wireless router this month and free wireless on the move from Openzone hotspots. Starts at 8.99 a month for 6 months :whistling:

    if your exchange is LLU'ed then go for sky, and don't forget the quidco

    Stick your phone number and postcode in here and it will tell you all you need to know about your line!! If you're in the eirght area and have Sky, a very good package can be had for £10a month!…php

    yep- what wolf and pete said!

    does anyone know what the best deal for bb is without a bt line is ????? Is it 3 mobile ????
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