Posted 21st Jun
I'm coming to the end of my contract with virgin home broadband. pay 28 a month on supposedly super fast fibre which it never is . anyone with talk talk and give out some. good pointers as toying with the idea of switching to them
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Changed from Sky to Now Broadband, 12 months contract up to £100 (£120 when I did mine) TCB. Not noticed any difference
I’m with BT not cheap but never have any issues. You get what you pay for in my opinion.
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Personally I've never had any issues with Virgin media apart from two or three cut outs at the start of lockdown.

I wouldn't go back to talk talk.

If you are going to switch, switch to sky.
I'll look at sky . Thankyou
I’m with TalkTalk, get a constant 55mbps

but the line still drops randomly, and when phone calls, but not every time now

when I log into my router, I get a message saying, your speeds should be better, please get in touch

but when I get in touch, they always tell me to remove my openreach faceplate , something I don’t know how , or can’t do
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