bt tell me my max is 5mb bu be broadban say its 10mb

    how can they differ on answer?


    my BT broadband is supposed to be 10mb but we rarely get over 3mb.

    are you sure its not "up to 10mb"?
    The sneaky shysters
    Easy to offer "up to XXXmb" then only get 2.

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    bt estimate 4.5 on a 5mb line

    Be say 10mb line is what i got

    And have you run a speedtest to see what you actually get???

    it's all a joke.. they sell UP to xxMb

    my Sky is up to 20Mb but I can't get more than 4.6Mb..

    Sky excuse: the distance between where I live and the nearest exchange

    ring BT... they will say the same.. "distance from the exchange"

    Be broadband are the same as o2, the have 'unbundled' the 'loops' in a lot of exchanges enabling them to get faster speeds than BT, I dont know what the hell it means but that is your reason.

    none of this is a joke ...these speeds are possible just depends how far away from the exchange your live and if it is a LLU exchange.

    even then distance to the exchange isnt super important its to do with the length of the very old wires connecting it all together.

    i personally wouldnt touch adsl but i am lucky enough to get virgin BB (dont knock it ...)

    I am paying the same as other people but getting more/less in speed. so why we cannot pay for just what we get...

    e.g. if they offer up to 10Mb for £12/month and we can only get 5Mb we should pay £6/month. Then if they upgrade wires, exchange or whatever and start to provide the 10Mb they right to increase our bill to £12/month.

    that is why I think it is a joke... Everyone pays the same but gets different thing.
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