Found 9th May 2005
Anyone know the cheapest broadband deal about?

Not looking for huge amounts of download or add-ons like anti virus. Just a fast reliable connection.

Is there even a pay as you go option for broadband?
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If you want a fast, reliable connection for not much money then try one of the very cheap ones, like Wannado (i think). They do 2Mb per second which is 40x faster than a normal dial-up connection, but they limit how much you can browse and ultimately, download. It doesn't sound like you're going to use it a lot, so it's probably the best option. At £15.99 per month it's probably cheaper than some dial-up companies!!
Try tiscali, they have some new deals


If you want 10x speed, tiscali have that and you can also download more with them.

If you don't mind about downloads or how much it gets used, then try the 1Mb/sec conncetion, that's 20x faster than dial-up.

Both packages cost £15.99
Tiscali do also have a Forum so you can query for free anything with other Tiscali members & Tiscali's own Customer Support have a dedicated team dealing with the forum too incase of any technical help is required...
With BT Broadband (all packages) you get one bill for that and your BT line which saves a lot of messing about with different direct debits etc

You also only have one supplier to go to should you have faults etc rather than get passed back and forth between your ISP and BT who will blame each other where as keeping everything with BT will save that sort of problem

Packages aint too shabby either
You can try following:-


Both of this have a good outline on the providers and their service.

I am with EFH broadband so far so good with on or two hic-ups.

If ypou can afford it look at look at Zen and Esciples both those are on the above mentioned sites.

I hope this helps you.

Good hunting.

blueyonder... £17.99 pm for a 512 connection or £25 for 1mb AND there's no limits. definitely recommended
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