Hi all..

    Wondered if anyone could recommend the best broadband to go with. At the moment I'm with bulldog 8mbps.

    I'd need high speed with unlimited downloads. Don't really want a phone with it but if I have to I'd take it.

    At the moment my 'promotional package' has expired with Bulldog and rather than change me to the only current package they're offering, they're charging £10pm more and asking for £20 payment to change to their only other package! I've also had the worst customer service. I've been told that I can't have a MAC code to change providers, do people think that'll mean I'm without broadband for a while whilst it's switched over?

    Thanks for any help


    If you can't have MAC (aren't they obliged to give it to you by law?) then you might need to pay for "new installation" or whatever they call it (50 quid or so) or to look for contract (usually 12 months) on which this charge is waived.

    Take a look at ADSL Guide - lots of information and people's opinions about almost every single BB provider in this country.


    As to unlimited - read following articles, very interesting

    The 'free' fairy story
    When unlimited doesn't mean unlimited

    bulldog as an llu provider dont have to give u a mac code as your provided by their own equipment and not BT Wholesale's equipment.

    The migration process is for isp's who use BT Wholesales equipment but even then they dont have to participate in the migration process if they dont want to

    I was referring to Code of Practice (and Bulldog subscribed to it) but forgot that line must be BT-owned.

    i am currently paying £9.99 unlimited 4mb broadband with blueyonder !
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