Can some one help please? Using dial up at home and thinking of upgrading to broadband. 2 things to consider I want to keep my line rental with BT as I have had this number for 26yrs and it is ex directory, and am currently getting calls through Talk Talk. has wnyone and Idea which is the best route to take to get it installed?:|


    I'm with Plusnet and they are excellent. Customer service is great and it's a monthly contract. £14-99 a month with free modem, 8gb where possible and unlimited downloads...:thumbsup:



    aol is good that goes through your bt line so the number isnt changed.. also bt do their own broadband so its worth giving them a call

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    so you dont have to have any new wiring done then?

    ADSL Broadband works through your existing telephone line, so unless you go the cable route (NTL, etc) you can sign up with any broadband provider and keep your existing telephone number.

    If you have ]Sky TV, it might be worth checking availability of their broadband service in your area, as you can get a 2Mb connection free with your Sky subscription. I seem to remember that TalkTalk do some pretty good deals - as you're already a customer, have you asked them for broadband prices?

    Other than that, have a look at a site which compares tariffs - ]uSwitch is a pretty good place to start.

    Good luck, you won't look back to dial-up!

    We moved to broadband in February and after looking at all the options, went with BT. However, although they can supply up to 8mg speed, we live in the sticks and can only receive 512kbps on a good day. (It’s usually much, much less, as the local exchange is so old and it doesn’t look like BT have any intention of updating the equipment.)

    We chose BT in the end because they have the landline. Our reasoning being that if anything went wrong they would blame any other ISP before doing anything to correct any problem themselves. This proved to be true in August, when they had a major fault on the line and we were offline for 2 weeks. They blamed everything, even suggesting that our router wasn’t functioning because it was next to a halogen lamp.:roll:

    Eventually they admitted that it was their fault and paid compensation but our neighbours with other ISPs had to chase BT for cash back. Many people here work from home and had lost business. BT Internet Services is a joke and trying to speak to someone who sounds as if they know what they are talking about is time consuming and at times impossible.

    BT usually offer cheaper start up rates for the first 6 months.

    A comprehensive list of most packages and prices.…tml
    Perhaps too much choice and information but whatever you chose as martinfriar said, 'you won't look back to dial-up'.

    Talk Talk give you free broadband if you upgrade to their TALK3 call plan.…ome

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    :santa: yes but that means havine to give the line rental to them which I dont want to do. Wev'e had problems with the lines in my area and if your not with BT they can take up to 4 weeks to look at your problem.Last month the line went down while we were on holiday and as my son didn't know our BT account number or that the rental was with them when he rang to report a fault on 20th Nov he was given a date of Dec 11th as the day they would come and look at the fault. When I returned from holiday on 25th Nov and re-reported it to BT giving them my account number at 11,55am the fault was repaired by 2.00pm and we didn't even see anybody!

    I'm not sure if your above answer was to me, and i don't really understand, are you saying you don't want to leave BT?

    This is from the talk talk web site

    * There is no break in service when your line is transferred from BT … * There is no break in service when your line is transferred from BT to TalkTalk. * There is no difference in the quality of the calls. The same experienced engineers continue to maintain the line. * There is only a three-month minimum term contract with TalkTalk Line Rental

    I think from that its still BT engineers that service your line!!!

    As well as a single bill for your line rental and calls, when you sign up … As well as a single bill for your line rental and calls, when you sign up to TalkTalk you have just one company to deal with. But because BT continues to maintain our lines for us, if there's ever a fault it is still an experienced BT engineer who comes to fix the problem.

    i used to be with talktalk, which was cheap, but i would not recommend them to my worst enemy, it has been a nightmare, broadband not working, appalling customer service, long story...have a look at [url][/url]
    I changed back to bt, a bit more expensive, but very reliable and worth every penny. For local/national calls, i used 18866, calls work out at 5p regardless of the duration, and for international calls, i use telediscount. Calls to spain are 1p/minute. So i pay line rental and broadband to bt, but my calls to other providers.

    sorry, the link i posted above takes you straight to talktalk, if you are interested go to google and search for talktalk hell, lots of info there.


    Wev'e had problems with the lines in my area and if your not with BT they … Wev'e had problems with the lines in my area and if your not with BT they can take up to 4 weeks to look at your problem.

    That's also why we went to BT.

    No matter who you pay your line rental too (excluding the cable companys) Openreach (a BT company) look after your line from The exchange to your NTE5 (master socket). Openrach work for all service provdiders and even thought they are a BT company, no favourtism is given to BT (who is also seen as a service provider to openreach).
    If you have a non BT line, you report the fault to your service provider the service provider will then report the fault to Openreach. The telco is opnreach's customer not the "end user".


    so you dont have to have any new wiring done then?

    You shouldn't need any new wiring done at all, unless you have a hard wired telephone from the 70's.

    All the relevant work is done in the local exchange, sometimes a device known as a DACS (which is used in areas short of plant) would need to be removed from your line, but the company you choose for your broadband will contact openreach to have that removed. (You shouldn't see an engineer).

    ]Samknows is a good website for broadband, it lists alot of the LLU (companys who use there own equipment in the exchange) available inyour area, it will also give you a rough idea how far from your exchange you are.

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    :-D things look a bit clearer now , thanks chaps &:thumbsup: chapesess

    Unless talktalk have put you on their own LLU, then the fun begins...

    Check this to test your line…php


    which will tell you the llu services for your line etc
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