Hi all, i want to bet broadband but i dont have a telephone line and dont want to get one. Is it possiable to get broadban without a telephone line. My post code is NN4 8DB.



    should be, you dont need a phone line for blueyonder broadband - i think anyway!!!

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    its not available in my area

    they are adding places all the time, when was the last time you checked? if it was a while ago, it may be availible new - just a thought!

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    just checked, its not available

    arghhh !!!! not too sure what you couls do then, sorry!!!

    Yes you need a phone line for any other ISP whether its BT wholesale provided broadband via an isp, BT retail provided or isp's own direct service.

    Is it possible you might have a stopped BT line in your house? not sure how long you have lived there but often people dont realise there is a stopped line which can often be restarted by BT for free, then just the line rental.

    If not your looking at £100 or so for BT to put one in due to engineers visit etc

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    im just renting, and dont want to pay the bt line rental on top of the cost of the broadband cost.

    You might be able to get satellite broadband or wireless broadband depending on your location. Satellite will probably prove too expensive for domestic use. Wireless is comparable to standard broadband pricewise but speeds are slower.

    Use the forums ][COLOR=red]here[/COLOR] as a starting point for some research
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