Hi! Basically need to find the best broadband deal I can, 3 of us sharing a house at Uni... my friend has an orange mobile but only has 7 months left of his contract so we can't do the £5 internet deal...

    Basically all we need is 8mb inet, wireless, with a good or no FUP - Be isn't available in our area which would have been ideal.



    As always the ]samknows website is a good place to start, use the exchange search in the top right corner and it'll tell you the LLU providers available in your exchange area.

    entanet is also a good choice,

    30GB limit between 8am-10pm MON - FRI
    and 300GB limit between 10pm-8am MON- FRI and all weekends

    £19.99 a month

    We got telewest - now virgin media i think - at uni last couple of years. They did a telephone/internet/television deal for us and we said we were students and got a nice discount plus they let us cancel the contract early so didn't have to pay over the summer when we weren't there. Can't remember exactly how much, but was cheaper by direct debit and included the line rental and everything. Worth a phonecall to them anyway.
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