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    Here's one that Im sure will wet other peoples appetites.

    We see adverts for super fast broadband around and, being an internet geek myself, I want the biggest and the best available to the UK... there's a snag though - these services aren't available at my exchange so I can't get these speeds.

    Specific ISPs I'm talking about right now are:

    These both offer an 8mbit unlimited download internet connection at a very reasonable price - but my exchange isn't upgraded (even though im only about 3 miles from an exchange that IS upgraded.)

    Now I know, historically, when ADSL was first out, BT ran a 'trigger' system meaning they didn't upgrade their exchanges until certain demands were met so i'm assuming the same applies with these ISPs before they install their equipment in the BT exchanges... so onto the question...

    Does anyone have any ideas how to get this trigger level high enough in a short space of time.....

    Ideas such as mass registering interest etc might be an idea but bear in mind that most of these forms will record peoples IP's to stop such a thing happening.....



    It's disappointing when they advertise these speeds, then find all the excuses they can to let us know why they can't supply them.

    I can understand the need for high demand figures allowing for the trigger release. Surely though, just registering for the service won't make a difference. They still need the initial sign up group [especially at reduced speeds] in the areas where they're more likely to make a profit [I guess].

    Mass registering via internet cafe or other would be possible, as well as from home/workplace connections. Also, people on dial up with changing IP addresses, could be the group they're targeting.

    In the end it all comes down to where you live or where you access the internet.

    I think cable access or wireless access will probably be the first point for the super fast speeds [maybe].

    Just my thoughts...

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    I'm already on NTL on the 3mbit package (but me being me craves faster speeds) - The max I can get from ADSL packages in my area is 2mbit due to exchange limits.

    I'd say that registering interest is the only way to get the trigger levels up but how to do it is the thing - I need to be careful with this for legality reasons too.

    An idea I've just thought of though is possible use of a PHP script to register interests with an in built proxy. eg.

    * Script sets Internet proxy (thus masking real IP)
    * Submits a persons name and address near you (good old phone book)
    * Repeat step one

    Combined with mysql this is easily possible - i think I could even script it myself - is there a demand for this?


    Rather than having a go at the telco's over speed i think everyone needs to appeciate when they make comments like "i live 3 miles from an exchange" that the lines from the exchange dont necessarily take the route you do in your car hence the route from the exchange is often in a completely different direction hence why your line length is longer than you think it is or should be.

    Taking this into account and that BT (who most isps use) arnt a charity and cant just go round upgrading exchanges and wasting shareholders money when there is very little take up are actually doing a pretty good job by offering speeds of "best speed for your line of up to x" where as im sure all the isps could go back to limiting everyone to 512kb

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    Fair comments Jase.2 - I'm not really having a go at any of the ISPs. I'm fortunate to be within 1km of my local exchange (I've had adsl before I got cable), the main gripe is with how they decide which exchanges to upgrade and don't really communicate how this is done or offer updates of when potential customers could expect the service offered in their area - bad communication is really losing them lots of potential customers.


    Bulldog broadband will offer me 8MB - damn, i wanted faster

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    Quick update on this - yesterday I pre-registered 1200 local people using PHP and proxies to see if I could boost a trigger level - will check back in a couple of weeks to see if i was successful.


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    Seems to have worked - bulldog now says check back in 4-6 weeks - my exchange is on the upgrade list!


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    well looks like its worked - a friend of mine across town saw an engineer from bulldog today and he mentioned my exchange is being upgraded in the next couple of weeks - coincidence?

    Anyway... if anyone with some php knowledge wants my script to do the same feel free to leave your email addy and ill send it to you.

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