Posted 8th Dec 2022
Planning to get broadband as I am moving into 1 bed flat after living in a shared apartment for years.

any advice on which broadband I should buy? any deals or tips or tricks I should be aware of?
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    Go to Quidco Compare - It will show and compare all the options at your address and help you find one at a good price with suitable speeds, and get you some cashback on it too!

    Avoid Shell like the plague.

    Virgin Media, if in your area are often a cheap way of getting ultrafast speeds if you need it but their customer service sucks. Up to you where you want to find the balance.

    I'm pretty sure Now Broadband (Sky) and Onestream (Vodafone) both still have some decent deals going on right now and only 12 month contracts too. Just be sure if you go with Onestream to opt out of their free trials they may offer you - But I can personally say I am otherwise happy with them.

    Finally if all else fails. If there's 5G Signal where you live then Three have unlimited 5G Home broadband for £20 per month with 6 months half price.
    Thank you!
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    Talk talk we’re good, but customer service sucked.
    Been with now broadband for 3 years, all good.
    Have and unlimited 3 sim and 5g phone, works great as a backup and for holidays.
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    go with Vodafone, through a cashback site.. do your calculations right, to get the best deal..

    I went through Quidco - getting uswitch cashback £60 - and then a £120 gift card for buying through uswitch ..

    sometimes going through Quidco, into broadband choices, might be better
    I checked the vodaphone but then ordered the onestream. Let's see how it is.
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    I had nothing but trouble with Sky. Absolutely horrid service.
    Switched to EE and now BT and both broadband and customer service are a million times better.
    I would prioritise broadband service and customer service satisfaction over saving a few quids.
    Money Saving Expert usually has the latest deals and a price comparison tool and its website. Worth checking.
    Thanks. Went with onestream. Fingers crossed. Hope it's better
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