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    Hi Folks

    Ok in a nutshell I would like to change my broadband and phone package.

    I'm currently with sky for everything, I have sky talk with the max call package and unlimited broadband.

    Now I got all my sky tv, phone and bb installed in Jan 2009, in Dec 2009 I upgraded to HD they guy said my 12 month sub would start again but I wasn't sure if this was just for the tv or everything.

    Granted I would like to keep my Sky HD sub and just change the phone and bb.

    Does anyone know if doing the upgrade to HD would of locked my phone and bb sub until dec 2010?.

    I'm looking on moving over to Bethere (my exchange says it supports be) but when I check on the bethere website it says it's unable to check for some reason, wondering if it's because its a sky line and not BT??

    If anyone could shed some light that would be great


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    new contract is for tv only, so you can move phone b/b etc over, however cos you are not on a BT line anymore there may be a charge for moving to another line.
    have a look at sky user forum, should get more info there
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