Found 17th Nov 2009
right guys need a wee bit of help am geting sick of pipex now lol am just looking about for the best deals for broadband and phone package (Free eveining & weekend calls).
right now i get 8Mbps (but i only get 2Mbps) + Free eveining & weekend calls also have Unlimited monthly downloads a pay about £27 for that.

if anyone can help me find a better deal that would be great



are you an O2 customer?


Where abouts are you?

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are you an O2 customer?

Nope am not a O2 Customer


Where abouts are you?

South Lanarkshire/Scotland

try going for the post office home phone plus the BE broadband offer (6 months free)

Have you got Sky?

I've got Sky Talk which gives free evening and weekend calls for £0 per month.
I've got Sky Broadband Unlimited for £10 (£15pm if you are not a Sky customer).
Sky's line rental is also £11pm or you can keep line rental with BT.

Never had one problem!!

Go to the following site.…rch

It will tell you what options are available through your exchange. Should then halp you make a descision.

Post Office has a reasonable deal at just over £20 for phone/broadband or around £25 with a wireless router and additional security features. You get free evening and weekend calls and also free weekend calls to UK mobiles. Their service is reputed to be good too.

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cheers guys ill have a look at the post office one , do any of yous know if it okay for online gameing cheers

have a look at virgin media bundle packages. Triple 14 (£14)is what im looking at. 10mb cable bb (a lot more reliable than non cable bb), phone with free evening (extra for weekends), and tv (45 chanels free). All with same company so only one line rental fee (£11). You can keep sky for your normal viewing..also you dont need to have phone line plugged in to work, so dont matter you dont have a bt line. Keep in mind quidco are offering £65 cashback. Im waitin for it to go back to £150!

You just missed out on be broadband half price deal, finished 31/10.

TBH.. the post office is the best for the home phone. But I am not sure of the broadband as BT provide the broadband. Where as O2 and BE are the same infrastructure and O2 and BE both are brilliant for speed, reliability and un capped downloads. With a 6 month free offer, BE broadband would be my choice. Get the PO home phone and the BE broadband. Look up quidco as there is money back on the Post office.
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