Broadband And Phone Package

    I would be grateful if someone could suggest a package for my mate with a BT line, who isn't too fussed about download speeds.

    Unlimited calls evening or all day would be good

    Virgin is unavailable and AOL are unable to provide their best deal

    If I don't get this right I will never hear the end:)




    Orange is worth a look into and here is the link



    They are having a half price for the first 3 months at the moment and there is unlimited calls if you go with the Unlimited package!

    Original Poster

    Thanks Issey:thumbsup:

    Seems a deal to me

    I've just noticed that the phonecalls are over the internet.

    Just wondering if anyone has used Orange broadband or their talk service

    You just need to buy a phone to plug in the Livebox and away you go, landline only though and Orange mobile (you need to register beforehand or you get charged for it as my brother didnt know beforehand.... =|) you can phone aboard to landlines too!

    We have Orange and the line seems to be ok so far for us. anymore question you have I will try and help!



    Dont use Orange they are pants. I have just changed from Orange (cost 0.00 pm) to BT cost (cost 8.95 pm). in other words I would rather pay an extra £8.95 pm to get away from Orange....thats how bad they are.

    Customer Service = pants
    Service = Pants
    Disconnection = constant (with no warning)…htm
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