Found 17th Jan 2008
I told my mate no prob going wireless easy peazy. little did I know about the shour of s**** talk talk broadband connection is. Is there anyone out there who has Talk Talk broadband and a wireless router in and working . can you let me know model and settings. now all those people out there who think they know but actualy have not set one up on a talk talk line then have a quick search on google is far from eazy peazy as it should be ...Cheers for any help. ps would like to put a netgear 834g on



I Have talktalk min setup Fine

follow this should work…GV3

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cheers had found this, just its a 50mile round trip to mates house and would love to know its gona work on the netgear as also some question of firmware. dont spose thats what you have is it.


My sister has been moaning about her ****** Talk Talk, but I pointed out she hadn't plugged in the filter. You need a filter on anything that is connected to your phone line, as a phone draws on the energy frequency that ADSL uses.


i use Linksys router
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