Broadband (Cable) - Who to go with?

I need some (ok, a lot) help finding a new BB supplier. I'm a complete n00b with broadband services and, along with having no idea who to go with, I'm not sure what I need to do to switch from one provider to another smoothly.

I was going to look at Sky, but you need a BT line and you also need to accept a TV package with them... I just want BB really.

Virgin Media are driving me bloody mad. Not only do they cap me down to 1/4th for downloading a small amount, I've also discovered they do the same if I upload a certain amount, today capping me after I'd uploaded around 300MB. Add that to them adding £22 to each bill without explanation each month and...

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IF getting a BT line go got O2 who use BE's network and I think has a 100 or so day period where you can cancel
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