Broadband Connection Advice Please

    OK my bb connection was just lost on my PC for 20 mis and this happened a couple of months ago as well.

    It's back now ( just rebooted a couple of times both the PC and the Modem), but can anyone help me to troubleshoot please, so I can see what i need to replace or whatever?


    BB Provider : AOL 9.0 VR
    OS : Vista Home Premium 32-bit
    Avast installed
    Windows Firewall is turned on
    Windows Defender on with auto scan at 2am
    Modem : Netgear 54 Mbps Wireless ADSL Modem Router DG834G v3
    Problem : BB will simply disconnect and then unable to re link on bb

    When it just happened earlier, I also could NOT get a connection on my iphone, via Safari so does this point to either a problem with my BT line and/or the modem?

    Having said that, last time we had this problem, I also connected a different modem a Thomson one) and this also would NOT connect?

    So, do I have a blip every now and then with my BT line??

    Note I haven't called BT for a line check - I assume maybe next time it happens, I give them a call????

    Also, please no digs at AOL!! LOL!




    Yes call BT

    update the firmware on your pc and router and modem etc etc you know the drill

    dont have too many firewalls running

    avast should be ok cancel the rest

    Original Poster


    AOHell!!Yes call BTupdate the firmware on your pc and router and modem … AOHell!!Yes call BTupdate the firmware on your pc and router and modem etc etc you know the drilldont have too many firewalls runningavast should be ok cancel the rest

    OK will do. But the comment re the firewalls on my PC is just "separate" advice isn't it (?) as I assume if this were the cause of the problem, i would still be able to connect on my iphone?

    Sorry if i've misunderstood (and repped for helpful advice!:thumbsup:)


    thanks for the rep

    my first repper woohoo :-D

    hmmm i dont think the firewall is the problem to be honest though,

    maybe theres a prob at the exchange - best to get line tested and tell them that this problem has been happeneing - well exagerate the timescale otherwise they wont care

    and keep informing them so they hav a record

    your problem would be this

    BB Provider : AOL

    and it's nothing to do with your pc if your router isn't even connected, could be a bad filter. i suggest buying this…php as it's 10x better than the rubbish free ones you get in the box, gave me an extra meg. if it's only happened once before don't worry too much as it might just be aol/bt doing upgrades etc, just reboot your router when it happens and have 20 minutes of offline time. if it continues to happen then maybe call and ask why if it starts to annoy you.

    20 minutes downtime in a couple of months? That's not a problem and if it had been at a different time I'd say it was maintenance. I guess someone at AOL may have dropped the ball, unless it starts happening regularly I wouldn't worry about it.

    Would suggest you check the firmware version first. I use the same router but with different ISP (was with AOHell earlier).
    username: Admin (default)
    Password: password (default)

    One on router config page, click on roter status to see what firmware you have. It should be V4.01.40 for your model. If not then update from ]here.
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